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Write Yourself to Your Goals and Dreams!

Ask yourself this: If you could have, do or be anything, absolutely anything (and time/money was not an issue whatsoever) … what would your life look like? What is that vision?

Now, before bedtime this evening, purchase yourself a notebook or journal. And begin to put that vision into words, and those words into actions.

First take 3 deep breaths; relax and center yourself. Then take 5 minutes and write down 10 or more things in your life that you are grateful for. The more you can think of the better.

Next, take 5-10 minutes and write down 2, 3 or more things that you want to see happen in your life. It is important to be very specific with as many minute details as possible! Write as though these things are already happening. For example, use phrases like, “I have” or “I am” rather than, “I want.” This is because you want to be in the mindset of doing, not wanting. You can also write in “Thank You” form: “Thank you for the great such-n-such opportunity, thing, event that I have been wishing for.”

While you are imagining and writing, take note of your emotional state. Explore the idea of doing what you desire. Allow yourself to feel that, emotionally and energetically. Feel the happiness, joy, and energy are coursing through your veins when you are mentally place yourself in the place of doing what you want to do with your life.

Writing out what you want to do will help you internalize that notion and you will begin to do those things naturally.

Do this every single day for a minimum of 21 days (doing something every day for three weeks creates a sustainable habit). Over the next few weeks, watch how things begin to suddenly show up in your life… the very things you have been writing about.

A couple years ago, I partook in this weekend seminar that was all about “being” and “creating” from our authentic self. One of the interactive exercises we did, after writing what our dream life would look like, was called, “What Do You Want?!”

We sat across from a partner, and our partner would scream over and over really loudly, “WHAT DO YOU WANT?! WHAT DO YOU WANT?! WHAT DO YOU WANT?!” While the other person screamed out everything they had written in their “dream journal.” An example of something I wrote and screamed out was, “Snoop Dogg is performing at my custom designed lake-view home, house-warming party!” The sentence may not read very well… but you get the point!

This was an extremely powerful exercise for everyone, including myself. It raised my energy so much so, that I felt myself LITERALLY vibrating, like I was floating on a cloud. It also raised the bar. Will Snoop Dogg ever perform at my house? I’m telling myself that one day he will! Reaching out to that fantasy allows me to float among many more measurable goals which bring happiness, joy, and satisfaction. Once those goals are met, the dream goals become easier to attain.

The daily writing of your goals is one of many extremely powerful ways to keep that vibration UP! Doctor Gail Matthews is quoted saying, “People who write down their goals are 42% more likely to achieve success than those who don’t write down their goals.”

This also forces you to focus on positive outcomes rather than negative circumstances. When you focus on what you don’t want or what you don’t like in your life, have you ever noticed how much more of what you don’t want or like shows up? Well the same thing happens when you focus on what you do want!

****You can also do this 1st thing in the morning or just when you have time during the day. The key is to get in this “good” habit!

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