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The Stop Sign

We all know that when we reach a stop sign that it means to STOP, however, if you “run” the stop sign, knowing it meant to stop means absolutely nothing.

The stop sign here is synonymous for the areas in our lives in which we clearly know that we should make a different choice. How many stop signs do you run in your every-day life?

Ponder the following questions…

  1. Do you make the time every day to prepare healthy meals, cutting up fresh fruits and vegetables which you know add needed nutrition to your body or do you rush through your day, throwing frozen dinners in the microwave or going through drive-throughs and think you’re feeding your body with “food”?

  2. Do you take the time 3 or more days per week to fit some form of heart-healthy and fitness enhancing exercise or do you make every excuse in the world why you “can’t”…kids, not enough time, too tired, etc.?

  3. Do you read books that enhance your mind and deepen your awareness of yourself or watch media that inspires and enriches your life or do you mindlessly fill your free time watching more than an hour of TV per day that is filled with mind-numbing reality shows, violent images and people embarking on doing the things in life that you wish you were doing, while you sit there and make excuses of “why you can’t” do, have and live the way you want to do, have and live your life?

  4. What types of people do you surround yourself with? Do you surround yourself with people who make you, “stand on your tippy toes” -Lisa Nichols (make you want to be a better person) empower you, inspire you, and encourage you to “Be” more, “Do” more and “Have” more or do you mindlessly surround yourself with people who are drama, gossipy and settle for mediocrity in their lives, people who enable you to feel either “superior” or to settle for mediocrity in your own life?

  5. What types of romantic relationships do you get into? Are they with people who again, enrich, inspire and empower you or do you settle for “what you can get” with people who bring drama, pain and misery?

  6. Do you live life from a sense of purpose? Do you know your worth and value? Do you show up in a way that screams, “I RESPECT MYSELF!” Or do you meander through life just getting by and never taking the time or putting in the effort to better yourself, or bring more meaning and value to your life?

When you take a good deep look, and ask yourself these questions, what answers do you come up with? Aren’t you deserving of every possible positive, healthy, and amazing thing that you can bring into your life? If you are not living your life on your own terms and with a sense of purpose, what can you do to implement the necessary mind-set that will enable you to do so? Are you not worth the necessary fortitude and self-respect it takes to “be” the best version of yourself possible, hence allowing you to live a meaningful, prosperous, fuller, and more abundant life?

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