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De Damn Licious Brussels Sprouts

O...K, so whenever I make these, they seem to be Thee hit at the dinner table! I have been told by people who HATE brussels sprouts that this has to be one of the BEST things they have ever eaten!

- Ingredients * One Tbsp Olive oil * One whole yellow onion chopped * Three cloves raw garlic diced * One package diced pancetta ham * One Cup balsamic vinegar * One package brussels sprouts, each sliced in half * Sea salt and cracked black peppa to taste

- What I do * pour olive oil into heated pan, heated to medium * add chopped onion, salt and pepper to taste and cook for 5 minutes. Stirring occasionally! * add garlic, cook for an additional 15 minutes * add pancetta ham, salt n peppa to taste, cook for five minutes with onions and garlic * add 1/2 Cup of the balsamic vinegar * Cook mixture for another 20 minutes stirring occasionally * add chopped brussels sprouts and rest of the balsamic vinegar * Cover and cook for 20 more minutes. * uncover, stir well **** Serve and Enjoy; try hard not to lose mind because they are so... De Fa Rekin Licious!!!!! 😋😋😋

** To make for a larger group just double or triple the ingredients!

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