How it all started:

De Fa Rekin Licious started in my kitchen almost 4 years ago using just my iPhone to record and a blank sheet of paper with De Fa Rekin Licious written on it with a black sharpie! Since then my good friend and neighbor had a sign made up, actually misspelling the title of my show with an extra added S, but I told her I didn't want it redone; it just made the sign extra "S"pecial!

​My passion for cooking and preparing food, started as a little girl being inspired by my grandmother as I helped her make the morning breakfast biscuits! Being in the kitchen with my grandmother making those biscuits, homemade pies and other magnificent things that with her loving hands, she taught me to create, welled up inside of me the desire to come up with my own recipes, that to this day I still make and serve to my family and friends!


In my early 20’s I started the journey to a healthier way of living. During my journey I educated myself on everything I could learn about how to make healthy food… delicious!

One of my biggest goals and dreams is to host my own Food Network cooking shows, focused around healthy dishes, all prepared with a big splash of humor and who better to bring the niche of healthy, scrumptiously, delicious food than,

De Fa Rekin Licious!?

"Healthy Food CAN Be Delicious!"

Recipes & Tips 


The recipes I share are some of my most favorite creations! I often times take a recipe deemed "un-healthy" and create a healthier version. For example anything calling for mayo or sour cream, I use a 2% Greek Yogurt instead but I promise you won't miss out on even the minuscules amount of flavor!

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